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    Claire Vibrans

      Hi Everyone, I’m very new to the group, 👋 just starting out and gathering some tools. What size nut drivers do I need please -for use on clocks. I’m in the UK.

      Thank you


        Hi Claire

        it depends upon what clocks you intend to do I use mainly BA and small metric, although they don’t cover everything so I have a small adjustable, very early clocks seem to be all sorts of sizes.

        I work on torsion clocks mainly and I am also in the uk, may I suggest if you are on Facebook join the (  How to repair pendulum clocks) group it is uk based and the admin is a conservator he does work for museums, national trust, English heritage, he knows his stuff and there are plenty of helpful people on there including myself, he has also done a lot of very good YouTube videos just search same name .

        I don’t know if you intend to repair torsion clocks? If you do I have done some videos as well just search TorsionDell.

        Good luck Dell

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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