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      Hi Guys,
      Does this post still hold true?

      Re: Watch Oil Types

      by montyfox ยป Mon Apr 30, 2012 9:54 am

      I would like someone to check my comparison on this.

      Based upon the moebius chart found here: http://www.ofrei.com/images/moebiuslubricatingchart.pdf I am trying to cross reference with Novostar oil in lubricating my pocket watch (1923 illinois 17 jewel size 16).

      Pallet Jewels – Novostar B
      Escapement Wheel – Novostar M
      Balance Staff – Novostar M
      Centre Wheel – Novostar B
      Grear Train – Novostar B
      Barrel Arbor – Novostar B
      Wall of Barrel – Novostar Barrel Grease
      Winding Mech. – Novostar Winding & Mainspring Grease

      Does this look right? Am I missing something?


      I ask because I’m not sure if I need to go this route. As much as I’d like to use Mobious, it is pretty expensive stuff. Also Novostar markets their Type M as Pocket Watch Oil and I wonder do I need the Type B to do a good job.
      thank you,

      chris mabbott

        Ren my brother, other than the worlds oldest mystery (women) this is one helluva topic and talk about varied opinion ๐Ÿ™„

        Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great topic and your questions are quite valid, but, I remember when I started delving into lubes, whoa…

        The thing is, and I say this in a completely neutral way, we all have our favorite methods and products.
        My “personal” choices are… Mobius synthetics, I use two types, can’t remember the designations right now because I’ve moved everything away for work area mods, but one is higher viscosity, the other lower or as my Nova Scotian brothers used to say, Tin & Tick ๐Ÿ˜† and I’ll use your list to compare..

        Pallet Jewels – Novostar B = I never oil the stones, I put one small drop of the thinner oil on every 3rd escape tooth (type 1)
        Escapement Wheel – Novostar M = Same oil as used above (type 1)
        Balance Staff – Novostar M = Type 1
        Centre Wheel – Novostar B = The thicker synthetic (Type 2)
        Grear Train – Novostar B = Type 2 except for the 4th wheel which is type 1
        Barrel Arbor – Novostar B = To me, this is a high pressure zone so I use a fine layer of synthetic grease with lithium, the clear type
        Wall of Barrel – Novostar Barrel Grease = Grease has a high viscosity, it can cause the highly smooth surfaces of the spring to stick together. I use a 30 weight synthetic EP motor oil, a few drops. After four years in service, is was still moist.

        Winding Mech. – Novostar Winding & Mainspring Grease = I use the same synthetic EP clear grease as above..

        Please keep in mind Ren, these are my selections and not anything official. I’ve played around with a lot of lubes and to me, the same rules and forces apply as they would on a large machine, i.e force and pressure squeezes lubricant out. Lubricants also seperate from their additives over time. I use the rule of high pressure, EP lube, doesn’t matter if that force is tiny, because the part is tiny, so it equals out to the same.

        Oiling pallet stones is another bag of mixed opinions, but the majority agree to oil the escape teeth. every 3rd or 4th tooth.

        My reason for using synth is that it adheres to a metal surface better. I read a study regarding the Mobius synth line of oils and they performed very well after run test. They had not migrated from their point of application. But again, it’s a matter of opinion. I have watches that are still running fine after a few years of light use, as in I wear them occasionally.

        I hope to not confuse you, and I think if you start by following some guidelines that are accepted, you’ll either stay with those or you will experiment and push the limits, which I think you will eventually, experiment that is :D

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