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      Hi all,

      Bought my first project watch today at car boot, just waiting for tools to arrive before I start on it.

      Really want to find out all I can about it, where are good reference/info sites? This is what I’ve found out so far from serial number(not sure what most of it means:

      Waltham Mass NO:3742522

      Start: 1/1/1888 End: 3/31/1889

      First: 3742501 Last: 3743000

      Model: 1876 Name: Home

      Material: U Grade: Home, NL

      Size: 14 Size: 14

      Plate: FP Plate: KW

      Jewelling: Plain Jewels: 7

      Balance: Expansion KW Eng Bal: 0

      Style: KW Style: NL


      Source: BMW Date: 12/11/2002

      W22. Waltham 1876 model. 1886

      7 Jewels. . English made case by Dennison for Waltham, Birmingham Hallmarked as Sterling Silver, 1887, “makers” mark A.B. (Albert Bedford of Waltham UK).




            Sorry, lots of posts, but took me a while to work out how to upload photos.

            I have looked for similar watch online, but can’t find one, would love to see images of a good one, dissmanted would be fantastic, but probably hoping for too much. Any ideas where I can search?


              A very nice watch! Maybe not the easiest one to do as a first watch, because it has a full plate you have to get all the pivots lined up with the holes in the top plate in one go as you put the watch back together, Bob mentions in his watch videos that these can be a little tricky. I would maybe put this one aside and find something a little easier to start with but if you are determined to have a go then just take your time and remember we are here if you need us :)
              As for info I would imagine Bob and some of the other guys might be able to help.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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