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    Mike C

      So, the other week I ordered a lathe from Ebay. When I saw the box sitting on the ground outside my garage I was so excited. I took it inside and opened the box and pulled out my new (to me) used Peerless 8mm lathe. Things got better as I looked at the serial numbers and realized that they all matched. Hooray! Then I pulled the electric motor from the box. The Borel base was attached to the motor and that is when I realized that the base was broken. So, can you guys help a total newbie out? I would love to hear your recommendations. Do I find another Borel base and purchase that, find a peerless pedestal mount and purchase that, or should I try using alumiweld and try my hand at brazing this back together. I am no welder (or clockmaker….yet). Suggestions? Thank you in advance.



        I can’t see any harm in trying alumiweld..although it may not hold against the forces in play once you mount it.

        If you have a welder in your area..they should be able to put it back together for you with a stronger outcome.

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          I would be inclined to get it tig welded it would be much stronger.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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