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      I am new to the on-line course and forum of watchmaking but have been interested in watch repair since I was young, I used to watch ” sidewalk watchrepairers” in asia in their portable “shops” that’s how I sometimes spent my after school hours. The on-line course has been great and been watching the videos over and over again, I also have been stripping down and assembling back whatever mechanical movement I can find with what hodge podge tools I have in the house. Yesterday all the “right” tools, cleaners and oil I ordered arrived and I went and start to dissasemble a movement (eta 2836-2) the right way, cleaned it and oiled it, did it again and again. In the end overconfidence got me, as I damaged the hairspring, haha! Frustrated I followed Bob’s advice from the course and just walked away from it and come back to it laaater on. Since the ETA movement is on the backburner, I will work on a cheap watch I bought from Big 5 with a skeletonized movement from china since I have a difficult time searching for pockect watches locally (I want it now, not shipped, hehe) I may pawn shop hop this afternoon.

      The on-line course has helped me a lot and been reading the forum too, hopefully in the near future I’ll be more proficient and more PAITENT when I work on teeny parts that seems to fly and disappear forever.



        AH HA, another one bites the dust 😯 , cant seem to get enough already, you sound like me, I started with clocks and now pocket watches, just wait it gets worse ;) , and the worst thing is if your married and you spend time in bed watching Bobs courses on your laptop, I think my wife is jealous. William


          Hi Bene an welcome :)
          Sounds like you have the bug just as bad as us. I have to come on the forum to get my “fix” as if I try talking to my wife about horology she falls asleep :(
          Look forward to hearing about your next project :)


            TRUE! thats me there and yes my wife just shakes her head, i put the videos on my phone so i can watch them anytime :)

            I was able purchase a waltham wallclock (goodwill) and a rementoir 17 jewel pockect watch (pawn shop) YEY! I have something to work on

            anybody have a spare 2836-2 balance assembly? hehe

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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