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      Hi from the Blondfellow. I am new to Tascione and have been trying to learn watch restoration and clock repairs for 2 years now and feel it is time to learn from the professionals. I have lots of photo and videos I have taken of my restorations and other work I would like to share with every one soon, I need to learn how to post them yet.

      bernie weishapl

        Welcome to the forum. Lots of good people and lots of knowledge.

        chris mabbott

          Welcome to our little slice of apple pie with vanilla ice cream, because really, it’s all about food here 😆

          You might find this little tutorial on HOW TO POST PHOTOS helpful.

          Looking forward to seeing your examples, and if you need any help, just holler..


            Welcome to the addiction, we should really have a 12 step program.. Chris, any ideas?

            chris mabbott

              Steve of course I do 😆

              Here is my 12 step program…

              1-7 buy buy buy
              8- join support group
              9. Quit support group, bad idea
              10. Buy something to confirm feelings of self worthlessness and weakness
              11. Rejoice in your new purchases…
              12. Repeat steps 1-7

              Quite simple really :D


                Welcome, I think I am on the same program as Chris :D just didnt realize it….hope it isnt costing me anything….probably…William


                  well.. I guess that is a 12 step program… LOL


                    Thanks guys, it is very addictive watch repair. I have draws full of old watches waiting for me to look at. I do one then onto the next. I also have a shelf with watches I try to fix then come to a point were I do not know how to continue. So they sit there until I learn more then I revisit it and fix them. This program has allowed me to fix a few of them. Yes we do need a program, I can not wait to get home from work to get to my desk. I am always in trouble with the wife for not doing any house work and the yard is a jungle. I am now calling the yard the wilderness and thinking of having it heritage listed so I do not have to work on it. I would rather work on a watch or clock than mow the lawn or in my case now the bush. I also have a credit card blown out buying vintage watches from ebay. Is there a place you can go to dry out?
                    Was that a monkey in the window? O well back to the seiko.

                    chris mabbott

                      There appears to be a pattern here 😯

                      Here’s what you do, stop buying stuff for one month, use that money and find a cheap gardener, have him come around once in a while to tend the park. It worked for me, I’m happy, the boss is happy, and really, it seems that i’ve been a slave to a garden since I was old enough for my dad to tether me to the lawn mower 😆

                      As for slowing down buying….well, depends why you buy? If you’re a collector, there should be some insane logic to your purchases, which can be fixed by focus and making a list of what you want, and sticking to it.

                      If you’re just buying for the sake of it.. stop it and get a gardener 😆

                      I decided one day to go through my collection of watches, catalog, and start to repair them, I now collect the parts I need and one by one, the watches are repaired. But the deal was, buy no more until my broken ones are repaired.
                      I have a list of models I need to fit into my collection, and those are the ones I will pick up when they present themselves.
                      I follow loads of auctions but I rarely buy, I just laugh now at the crazy prices that people are paying, its a good excercise in self discipline, watching auctions to the last second to see who will step in to snipe the prize, and guessing how much the item will sell for.

                      Also, and this will apply to you in Oz if you buy outside your country, eBays stupidly ridiculous rip off third party scam, officially known as… The Global Shipping Program, has helped me immensely to NOT buy from those sellers that use it. Thanks to another set of hands in the pot, my prices have doubled, and I refuse to play that shell game.

                      Another little gem that halted my wayward auctioneering was a description I read one day. A seller had purchased a load of stuff from some guy like us who had gone to the big watch repair shop in the sky, his contribution to life was that he left behind a pot load of half finished watches of all kinds. The sellers comment was…. “This guy started a load of projects but never finished any”
                      I figured I didn’t want to be that guy 😆

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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