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      Hi there everyone,

      First post on here and hopefully first of many :D

      Been into watches now for only a wee while but the bug has hit me strong and was only recently wondering how to get into the repair side of it, if it was just a learn as you go. Then i did a search on the interweb and this was the top site listed and that was me happy…watch repair course all signed up and signed up here. Only bad side for me unfortunately is i’m currently serving on a Merchant Navy ship and the internet is just that wee bit too slow to watch the videos :( so i’m looking forward to getting home and getting learning. Gives me plenty of time to read all the good information here and a time to start looking at tools and getting a head start for coming home :D I’ll probably be on with plenty of questions about tools and recommendations :P

      Regards Scott :D

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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