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      Hi all,
      This is just to introduce myself and to tell you all a bit of what i’ve done and hope to do.
      I just ordered the watchmaker DVD course and can’t wait for it to get here.
      I’ve been doing some PW cleaning and recently some repair on three that have a broken staff pivot.
      I ordered a replacement staff from PTPWP. Anybody had this same situation?
      I found:
      – the pivots a bit to big
      – the total length a bit too long
      – the part that seats the roller table a bit to small
      – the balance rivet collar a bit too small
      Eventually the balance wheel seated and riveted ok.
      The roller table needed a bit of superglue to stay put 😳
      I had to turn the pivots a bit on the lathe and adjust the length a bit.
      Yes I know I don’t expect it is perfectly concentric due to collet use and all.
      BUT! it works !!!
      I did learn that the best place to adjust staff length is at the top pivot and not the bottom.
      I almost contacted the pallet cock with the balance wheel and the pallet fork with the roller table 😡
      Back to the lathe a bit off the collar that stops the roller table and voila!
      (you may have noticed my use of correct part nomenclature is still in it’s infancy)
      Long story short it’s ticking nicely.
      My next challenge is turning a staff myself.
      Pretty nasty but I’ve been practicing.
      Well enough for now.


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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