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    chris mabbott

      Hi all,

      I’ve just signed up for the course on watch repair and wanted to check in on the forum. Just a little background..

      I currently live in Spain, but I am a Brit by birth, grew up in Canada, worked in the U.S. for many years, complicated 😆

      I’ve been interested in pocket watches since I was a kid, my first being handed down from relatives, then I just started collecting them and ended up with a couple of hundred over the years. I’ve since thinned down the collection due to moving around, but now I have time, I want to learn more about them for my own interest and repair the ones I have.
      My little shop is that, I have a 6mm Lorch/Boley, and the usual vintage small pivoting lathes, staking set etc. So far I’ve been able to accomplish part changes on a beginners level but I would like to improve on my jeweling, especially the rubbed in type and also re-pivoting which I’m crap at doing 😳

      I also collect German WW1 & WW2 iron crosses, also been collecting them since I was a kid, so, collecting is in my blood 🙄

      Looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing ideas..

      I’d also like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.


      Bob Tascione

        Welcome Chris!!!
        Sounds like you have one heck of a watch collection! We’ve covered rubbed in jewels up here a bit. In fact David and Tmac were discussing them today. This is something I’m planning to cover more in-depth in the new blog soon. Will keep you posted.
        Happy New Year Chris!

        chris mabbott

          Thanks Bob, I’ll be looking forward to seeing more on this topic as there seems to be not a lot of information available on the web. I seem to have many vintage jeweling tools that are still a mystery to me, I hope to find the answers from the course material & the experienced users here.

          I used to have more than now Bob but moving around, as you know, means lightening the load :D The great thing or bad thing, about this hobby is that before you know it, the box is full again LOL

          Happy New year buddy, Felicidad, salud y suerte en 2.014




            Welcome to the forum! As a relatively new member (about a year) I can tell you that this is the place to learn!!! There are only great attitudes, enormous individual experience, and nothing but a continual learning philosophy. Many (if not most) of the regular participants could easily write textbooks on multiple subjects so what we have is a huge knowledge base. I think you will find that there are no particular political agendas here, which allows for greater knowledge sharing.

            Eventaully I think you will see your decision to join here one of the best you’ve ever made.

            I guess you can tell I’m a big fan of this forum… ;)

            Welcome and Happy New Year where ever you are.


              Hi Chris,
              nice to have you up on the forum. I am more clock orientated so I wont have as many answers for you but I will help out when I can.
              Happy new year :)


                Welcome Chris.
                You’ll find us a fun and easy to work with group.
                Haven’t run across an ego issue yet on this forum,…don’t expect to.
                Bob runs a professional and courteous forum…lots of help on virtually any subject around our craft.

                Happy new year,…looking forward to hearing from you !


                chris mabbott

                  Thank you for all the nice responses guys, it’s really appreciated and makes me feel very welcome :)

                  I’m sure I’ll be asking many obvious, newbie type questions in order to benefit and improve my own knowledge via everyone’s experience.
                  I’ll be looking forward to getting to know you better and generally have some fun :D

                  Tom – I currently live in Spain but I’m not Spanish..

                  Thanks again for the warm welcome…



                    Dear Chris:

                    Welcome to the Forum. I am totally new at this game and am trying to acquire some basic tools to begin the clock course. I hope to gain enough horological knowledge to eventually graduate to the watch course. I share your interest in pocket watches, my first love is railroad watches of which I have several.

                    I wish you the best learning experience and hope that you become a howling success as a watch mechanic very soon.



                    chris mabbott

                      Thanks Jaymac.

                      I’m sure you know as a new guy too, that like me, I’ve been doing loads of howling, usually in despair and frustration, normally at night looking up at the moon 😯

                      I’m very pleased to announce though, that Bob’ videos on lathe work/projects have inspired me to begin a-new, Bob this was just the kick up the backside that I need….Thank you


                      david pierce

                        With all of that Flamenco music and hot spanish babes running wild how can you concentrate on watch repair?

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