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      Just wanted to say hello to everyone!!!
      all great topics,,,,
      can anyone recommend someone to rebuild L&R clock washing motor??



        Welcome aboard, if you’re talking L&R, you’re in the right place!

        William, storied member and also moderator has said he rebuilt his…but with what little time he has, you’d have to maybe ask him to see if there was a thread he did on the rebuild.

        Again, welcome to this great site, get ready to meet a whole bunch of great people who want to share all their knowledge with you.

        All the best,

        Tim :)

        bernie weishapl

          Hello Joem and welcome. As far as repair of I assume a Ultrasonic cleaner are these two companies here. http://www.ultrasonicrepair.com/ or this one http://www.paragonultrasonics.com/servicerepairparts.html


            thanks maitail11 and Bernie for the welcome!!!!
            wish I was talking about a ultrasonic machine,cant afford one yet….
            I have an old 3 jar machine ,its a pretty big one,,,ill see if I can post a picture of it tomorrow,,,i mean my wife will,i stink on computers lol
            thanks again

            chris mabbott

              Hey Joe,

              Hello, good evening and welcome. Motors are fairly straight forward to rebuild, depending on the issue of course. Usually though its either related to dirt, wiring, bearings or brushes, if its a vintage brush type. All very easy to fix..
              I recently serviced a vintage mini lathe motor, have a look at the thread, its fairly simple and we’re here to help :)

              There is always You Tube which contains much info and walk throughs..

              What is your line, clocks or watches?


                Hey Joem, welcome to the forum, I have rebuilt both the standard L&R and the Varimatic machines. That was quite awhile ago and right now I am trying to remember where I found information about the standard machine, someone somewhere on the internet had a nice photo essay of the machine rebuild, wiring ect….. If I remember correctly the standard L&R I had I rewired and put in a new rheostat (which was a bit more difficult to find), the motor was fine so I did not refurbish that, Chris has a good thread about servicing a small electric motor. William


                  Hey Guys- Another 50 Year Old Joe!!!! joem welcome to the forum- at the risk of leaving someone out, I will not name names- everyone who shares here has something of value to contribute, I must say that this is THE premier forum to belong to- As you have already seen, the counsel and advice comes fast, and I can tell you it should be mostly accurate, the one drawback to this type if information gathering being that they tend to give me waaaay more than I asked for in the first place :D …. That being said, my questions so far have been pretty straightforward and the information I have got from ALL YOU GUYS has always been accurate, and the answers bring up issues I had not even thought of- ALWAYS more valuable than just the straight answer I was initially looking for, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for that. In addition, the videos and other files are so incredibly concise, i have made the mistake of jumping right in and not asking more questions. It has given me confidence to tackle things I did not think I was ready to do. I am here and here I will remain because of the generosity of all forum members in freely giving advice. Tim is my Brother (maitai11). All here are friends. Regards,

                  Joseph Cotter (Tukat44)

                  david pierce

                    The critical rebuild issues on a universal electric motor are the bearings or bushings, the coils, the communicator, and the carbon brushes. The bearings and carbon brushes are the easiest components to take care of. If the communicator has a groove worn in it or the contacts are shorted it is possible, but can be tricky, to repair yourself. If the coils are bad you will pretty much have to take it to a motor shop and have them professionally rewound. Repair the easy stuff first and if it runs OK then just use it.

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