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    steve fornelius
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    I saw a demo on YouTube about this product. The demo had a tambour mantle clock of typical aged and dirty appearance. The gentleman applied the product, chatted a few minutes and then wiped it off. Amazing amount of dirt came off.

    I’ve used it for about 3 years now and my customers are very appreciative when their clock comes back cleaned inside and out. Only takes about 15 minutes to do a typical mantle clock, and about 20 to do a grandfather clock (because of the glass). I’ve shown it to an antique restorer and he’s using it now too.

    Available on Ebay.

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    I have used the same product and you are correct it does clean all the dirt and cigarette smoke from the case. But I have found regular GoJo mechanics water-less hand cleaner to be just as good and a whole lot cheaper.

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