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      Hi all
      I thought while I was waiting to get Sorted not being unable to login to course as I can login to forum I would introduce myself, I am a couple of years past retirement age although still working part time, I have been restoring torsion clocks for a few years as a hobby ( I have about 20 ) but I want to be able to make my own screws and other bits so I thought I would buy the ultra course although I only wanted the Lathe course, I thought the rest may come in handy even the Hermle video’s as I have a couple Westminster chime and friends keep asking me to do theirs.
      I have a English IME watchmakers lathe ( I am in UK ) and have just found and purchased a Multifix M80 motor for it so I need some instruction with using gravers.


        I thought I would post some of the clocks

        Just a few of many Dell


          Hello Torsion (Dell)
          My parents had a clock similar it not exactly like the rectangular cased clock you show here.
          Sure brings back wonderful memories! Thaks for posting!

          Best, Phil


            Hi Phil
            That clock was made by the only company in France to make torsion clocks (Grivolas) it’s what I call a proper Grivolas because the company had a problem with a patient dispute and couldn’t use there own movement and used German movements until early 1908 my one is early 1908 so one of the first to have there own movements after dispute was settled, it is easy to tell the difference because Grivolas movements are round, German are rectangular.



              Welcome !

              As for using gravers..there are a number of Youtube videos that address using a lathe and of course gravers.
              Here are a couple to start with..hope they help….



              Best regards,


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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