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      Greetings! New to the passion here and green as could be. I recently purchased a triple chime mantle that has me hooked on mechanics. My first clock, i presume of many. My background is a tradesman and auto mechanic, so naturally the hands on experience suits my platform. Born to tinker! Anywho… I wanted to say hello to everyone, as well as throw a brain pick out there. I will upload pictures of my “new” clock and wanted to know if yall could help me identify its authenticity, year, and mechanical well being etc.

      I ordered this clock second hand on ebay. Howard Miller No. 142 #4992 The movement reads “Cuckoo Clock MFG CO INC” which i presume is a Co. branded Hermle model # 1050 020. I suspect after what little background i could find that the original movement was replaced with this one? Movement stamped 1981? Any info on this clock would be awesome, just curious about it.

      Upon arrival clock winds fine, but hammers needed adjustment. Clock strikes full through just fine for westminster but fails final note at 1/2 and 3/4 for Whit and St Mich… holds a tooth on the gear and hammer hangs full high stride. Will learn more to correct this as i have no idea what im doing yet. Other than that seems okay… looks kinda dirty though and oil wells appear rather dry.

      I am posting a link to google drive picture album here for anything that anyone has the time for in suggestions or background info of this clock. Your time would be much appreciated.

      Hope to overhaul the whole movement and get her cleaned up and re oiled. That would be the goal, but im scared ha.

      Thanks guys

      >>>> PHOTOS: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1cEJ5j1RAo_GNv0gU3AKM2O_38m4K-g-R <<<<


        Hello Xxiaze,
        The movement appears to be in need of a good cleaning and possible bushing job. It may be possible to make a simple adjustment to correct the problem though. The chime cylinder might just need to be advance a little. You can do by first letting down all power and then removing the clip holding the lower wheel on the back of the movement shown in your photo then just pull the wheel out enough to disengage the teeth from the small wheel it’s engaged with and advance it one tooth. This should move the cylinder forward enough to let the hammer tail drop away from the pin. You can mark the engaging teeth with a small marker pen before removing the gear for reference. Makes it easier for me. It’s a lot easier than I made it sound here.
        Best of luck Xxiaze,


          Thank you very much Dan. Will give that a shot.. also, considering skill set as of now will just let the movement run its corse aside from that small adjustment. Would it even be helpful to do a solvent wash and oiling without a full teardown? I completely understand that there is no substitution for a breakdown and sonic cleaning… but all I have is a small ultrasonic cleaner for watches and jewelry. I suppose I could wash piece at a time. Just dont trust reworking this mivement.. I hear its more of a throw away?


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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