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      Hi all,
      I just wanted to share this clock with you all. I got a call about a clock that a person wanted fixed for his girlfriend for Christmas. Anyway I told him to bring it over and I would look at it. When he got here I took a look and said well this won’t be done real soon, what happened? He said that some people were cutting trees close to their house and best guess was that vibrations caused it to fall. Clock was inherited by his girlfriend from her grandfather. Clock must have fallen straight down driving the weights through the base. The center arbor was bent, badly. Trip lever wouldn’t work. Can’t remember all that was wrong. Someone had rigged the trip lever with a ballpoint pen spring. Am enclosing pictures just to show what a bad fall will do to a clock.
      I had to jigsaw puzzle the base back together just to get a pattern to cut a new one. Then had to start on the clock. Don’t even know how long I worked trying to get the center arbor straight. I bought a donor movement just in case it didn’t work. There was an issue due to the damage which caused the clock to want to trip early on the half hour. Actually trip arm went up too high and it caused a bind which eventually caused the clock to stop.
      Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures and if there is a lesson here it is if you have a clock that you value make sure it is secure.


        Looks fun!!!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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