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      For a friend who ran across this in his mom’s belongings.
      No markings anywhere on it..not on the bottom..in the back of the door, on the dial , etc.

      Anyone ever see one of these ?

      I think it’s a very simple piece actually.

      Thanks everyone for any help


      Bob Tascione

        Hey Randy,
        Not going to be much help with an ID but…
        had a friend/customer many years ago that collected these miniatures and sent them to me to go through. In some cases the name would be on the case or dial but often times I would ID them by movement setting config. in BestFit Cat. Cyma, Longines and some other big names come to mind. Again, that was quite awhile ago as he passed away back in the early 90s. Maybe identifying the movement will be a good start.
        Sorry couldn’t be of much help here.
        Adios for now!


          Hey Bob !
          Sorry I took so long to see your reply
          Thanks..that’s good to know. Maybe I can get him to send it to me and I can use that method. I have a couple of books that have the more common movements for ID by size,shape bridge and settings layout.

          Muchas gracias a ser seguro !


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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