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      This is my first post so please have patience. I am new to clock repair. I have four antique clocks that needs repair so i decided to take Bob’s on line course and read all I can get my hands on. I am working on a Sessions movement that the Ratchet wheel was slipping. I tried to tighten the click but the wheel itself was rounded over. I took the ratchet wheel off the main wheel and, to date, cannot locate a replacement ratchet wheel or locking device. See Picture. I have checked on the internet at , Clockworks, Perrin, Ronell, Clockparts and Timesavers. Any help anyone can give will be appreciated.


        Howdy, I can not help with any suppliers, might be a difficult task finding just the ratchet wheel, If all else fails you could make a new one, a chunk of brass, a drill, a small file, it is possible. let us know what you find out. Have a great day, William


          I found this page but do not know if it has the part you need: could be a good place for you to start a search. Good luck Tukat


            I am working on a Hermle 341 and find that the set screws in the locking plate and correction cam are slated screws that have broken in half. I am looking foe the 2.5mm Allen head screws for the two wheels. In the meantime, I am trying to cut screws that will work- with little success. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


              I need info to find pocket watch sleeve taps

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