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    here’s what I have managed to put together. So far working fairly well, still need lot’s of tools though, lathe included. SS will not allow me to grow but MM by MM. (Dead slow 😡 .) Hard to stop determination though…..! :mrgreen: …..

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    Thanks for sharing !!!!

    david pierce
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    I have seen many sucessful professional watchmakers around the Atlanta area with the same setup that you have. Basically an eye loupe, a set of screwdrivers, cleaning machine, watch timing machine, case opener, #5 tweezers, #2 tweezers and a bench with a mat. Most of the expensive tools are geared more toward making parts and many watchmakers prefer to replace broken parts with parts that are ordered from supply houses. It is certainly a more profitable way to go. I like the fact that you have jumped in on wrist watches.

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    thanks Ed, nice workspace, keep lookin for those items you want to get and I am sure they will pop up for you with the right price… like David said it doesnt take much tooling to be successful at watch repair….keep it up my friend, you have come a long way already ;) . William

    Bob Tascione
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    You’ve got a good setup going there Ed!
    Nice thing about watches is you just don’t need much space to do good work. I don’t know how much room you have but you can pack a heck of a lot of watchmaking equipment in a tiny area. When Phyllis and I first got married over 40 years ago I had my set up in our apartment closet!
    Thanks for posting!

    david pierce
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    This means that you have been working on watches more than 40 years. Please do a post about how you started and learned, what books you studied from, people you received information from (watchmakers, clockmakers). One thing I have learned is you don’t simply wake up one morning and know how to do this stuff.

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    I have an idea, I know Bob is real busy at the moment but how about a question and answer series? I will start a new thread on the main discussion board where we can ask questions and Bob can answer them when and as he gets time? Great idea David :)

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