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      Thanks for a (WHOLE) lot of help from all you folks I have been successful on several pocket watches and I wanted to move to a mans wrist watch….So, all went very well
      UNTIL……..putting the stem back in the movement. It seems I can not get the “castle wheel” , the “crown wheel with the stem back in..???
      I know the castle wheel has the groove in it that has to fit over the (clutch lever ? I think that what you call it?) Changes from setting to winding.
      If there is a trick to this please let me in on it.. I cant get the castle wheel lined up and stay in order to get the crown wheel in correctly while putting the plate back on..I’m working from the top of the watch, is there something I should be doing on the back side?
      This is a ” croydon” Movement has “Helbros Watches” written on it.
      Does anybody know which video I would find that part on Tascione lessons?
      Thanks You,Watchdogg


        hi, I know nothing about this, but did you have to loosen a small screw to get the stem out? If so, did you tighten it back up before going on? if so, it would have to be loosened again. good luck……………b


          Have worked on several wristwatches and seems that they all have different styles of set bridges. Sounds as if you have taken it completely apart and trying to reassemble it. Now I’m not familar with this movement but what you could try if back plate is on which covers setting area is this. Only install your winding gear and clutch wheel making sure each is turned facing proper direction. Winding gear will have teeth on outer edge plus another set of ratchet style teeth which should face the center of the watch. Clutch wheel will have a set of teeth on either end. Straight teeth should face center of watch and ratchet style should face winding gear. Now before you do anything else go ahead and put winding stem in place. Might have to manipulate it a bit but once you get it oriented right it should go in easily. Be sure stem goes on into the proper hole in the plate to keep it centered. Stem will now hold winding wheel and clutch wheel in right plane. Now you can start installing rest of setting pieces. Probebly best to install set lever first, that’s part that holds stem in place. Once you put that in you might need to move stem in and out slightly so that it will catch slot on stem that it fits into. Next will come your clutch lever and most likely its spring making sure lever is positioned in slot of clutch. Once that is installed the spring will force clutch lever to hold clutch up against the winding gear. Now you can go ahead and install the rest of the set bridge.
          In the above method I described a set bridge that holds the set lever in place from the top by means of a spring. If you removed the set lever by unscrewing it from the bottom let’s back up a bit. If that’s the case first lets put set lever back on plate by putting it in place and then holding it there while turning watch over to put small lug nut back in place to hold it. Not tight just enough so that it doesn’t fall off. Now turn watch back over face up and put in winding gear and clutch wheel, then go ahead and insert stem, might have to push up on set lever a bit by pushing lug on bottom up a bit. After stem is in finish tightening up set lever screw on bottom to hold stem in place. After that go ahead and install clutch lever and spring. After that just follow earlier method I described. Trying to describe this by memory is little different and would work much better with pictures. I also may have forgotten something but I hope not.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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