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      Hi everyone!

      Not too long ago, I had put in a local ad looking for watches-working or not. I had mentioned this in my other post “My First Practice Piece!-Updates”

      Anyway, I finally was able to get them today. I had offered her$100, got it for $80

      The pocket watch is awesome! It’s running good! I gave it to hubby! I probably won’t clean it yet until I get more experience on my belt. It’s running good!

      There’s a Vision-type of watch that you can see through it on both sides. can see the insides moving. The second hand is off and is laying in the front side.

      The other watches are nice, but not working. One works but gains 5 min in every 15 min. There’s 2 with no faces or hands and will be good practice and good for parts. There’s a couple of Mickey Mouse watches, and one that is 20 jeweled.

      All in all, I believe I did good on the price, the pocket watch is worth the price of the whole bunch. The gal I got these from said she’s got some watch parts and will just give them to me, She has to look for them, and she has a friend who has a collection of watches she said I can buy.

      So, I’m on my way to a good start!

      Where can I get some good watch tools? Ebay has got a bunch of the kits, but they don’t have the mainspring winders, or the watch holder. Any suggestions?


        Hey Peggy, if I may.
        Good catch and hope you learn much with them. Tools, I go to eBay or harbor freight. But I have gotten most of mine off eBay. Good luck and hope this helps you some.

        Bob Tascione

          Looks like you hit the jackpot Peggy!
          Ed’s right about ebay. You can find some great deals up there.
          I would also like to mention Uncle Larrys at http://www.execulink.com/~lfoord/tools.html‎ for some good deals on used tools and other watch stuff. He’s a great guy to work with (and is a member of our forum!). If you haven’t been to his site then please check it out.

          david pierce

            Always check with Uncle Larry for watch tools. Also check some of the earlier posts as many of us went through the same learning curve. Red Rooster UK for Stella tweezers. Lancaster Horology Supply for Bergeon screwdrivers. Finding King for odds and ends such as cleaning baskets. Ebay for movement holders etc.


              Thank you, guys! I’ll go check those out! :D :D 8-) 8-)

              chris mabbott

                Nice haul Peggy, those little guys are a bit of a challenge when you’re accustomed to working on clocks, it’s like going from a motorbike to a semi 😆

                This sounds bad but don’t forget to lick your tools, seriously, those microscopic watch screws tend to go…. PING lost forever. A bit of a lick at the end of your tweezers/screwdriver, and they don’t go PING 😆


                  Okay! Is that anything like a “lick and a promise” :?: :?: :?: 🙄 😆 😆 😆 😆 Maybe a touch of vaseline on tweezers might do the job! :D 😆 😆 🙄 🙄

                  Well… okie dokie!…. moving on!!! 😆


                    Thanks for the heads up Chris! Ya, I know those little screws don’t take much to lose! :D 😆

                    chris mabbott

                      It is exaaactly like that Peggy, the lick of saliva makes the parts promise not to fly away 😆

                      Some people use other things, I’m sure Vaseline might be one of the products, but spit dries up and doesn’t need cleaning off, Unless I have a mouthful of chew, then it can get a little nasty 😆

                      Work great for picking up jewels too..


                        :D :D 😆 😆 Oh, ok! 😆 😆 😆 I’ll take saliva over chew any day! 🙄 🙄 😆 8-)


                          Hey Guys!

                          Today, actually just tonight earlier 4/21/14…I just acquired another pocket watch for $5 on my facebook ad! This one is a Geneva. I don’t know how old it is. The man I got it from said he happened to buy some stuff at an estate auction, and this was in the box. i did find out that it is a railroad clock. I did find an identical one on google, except the casing is a different carving. This one is flying ducks from a pond.

                          It is tightly wound and not running. so I think a good cleaning and a new mainspring is in order. What y’all think?

                        Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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