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      Good afternoon group;

      I had the day off so I continued to disassemble my pocket watch to see what issues I was facing.

      I started by removing the movement from the case. I was surprised that it was similar to the watch in our course in that it swings out.

      While pulling the stem out so that the movement would swing out, the stem came all the way out, so I removed the stem, sleeve and crown. I noticed that it was the type
      that didn’t need the sleeve removal tool.

      If you look at the photo’s I attached, there are two hand cut or Square shaped washers or spacers between the sleeve and crown.
      Can any one tell me if these were added during a previous repair job or original design?

      I did discover the reason the watch would not wind. The main Spring had slipped off the barrel hook of which I was able to place it back on with little problems.

      Now here comes the bad news. When I removed the balance wheel and cock I noticed that the roller jewel is missing. Is that going to be a major pain to replace?
      How do I replace just the jewel, are there different sizes to consider or is it better just to replace it with a new table with the new jewel already in it?

      Well enough for know. Sorry I had so many questions.
      I hope that some one in our group has had similar problems and can lead me down the right path.

      Thanks again

      Bob Tascione

        Hi Jdp020351,
        I’m sorry for not posting a response sooner but I wasn’t aware that this post had gone unanswered. In the adminstration panel that I use when accessing the forum it shows me “Duplicate Post” since the topics are identical which to me meant you accidentally hit the submit button twice.
        If you hit the “Post Reply” button when adding to your thread rather than “Post New Topic” button that won’t happen. Also it will keep the thread together and easier for all to follow.
        So again sorry…I’m still learning the ins and outs of running this forum.

        Now…thanks for posting on your progress!
        Yes those are shims used for making minute height adjustments. You see that often in that type of setup. Whether they added shims when first produced I don’t know. Maybe someone else knows more about that and can post it up here.
        As for the roller jewel replacement I was going to send you to that section in the course and after searching around forever realized that I NEVER COVERED IT!
        It’s been a long time since I did those videos and I rarely ever watch the videos since I can’t stand hearing my voice! Why is it we always sound so different and terrible when we listen to a recording of our own voice? Is it just me?

        Roller jewel replacement is a topic that should be in there so if you give me a few days (let me get through the holidays first) I’ll put something together to cover the process and will add it to the course.
        Repairing and or replacing roller jewels isn’t difficult at all when you have the correct tools and is actually a fun repair to make.
        If you can get your hands on Henry Frieds book “The Watch Repairers Manual” you’ll find that it’s covered in easy to understand detail. For those that don’t have this book I would highly recommend it.

        In answer to your question about different sizes..yes they do come in many different sizes and are usually measured in hundreths of a MM. I’ll try to include all of that in the course.

        I would like to add here that if there is something that you or anyone reading this would like me to try to cover about “mechanical watches” that would be of help please let me know and if it’s something that I feel that I’m qualified to cover I will do my best to add it to the course. If not I’ll try to locate someone that specializes in the subject and is more qualified to pass it along to all of us. I’m not much of a watch case guy so would like to cover the “innards” more than anything else.

        Thanks again for the follow up and great pics Jdp020351
        I’ll get on that project and get it up on the course as soon as Santa eases off of me a bit!



          Thanks Bob and Happy Holidays to you and yours;

          I agree with not liking listening to your own voice. I recall a hundred years ago when I was in 3rd or 4th grade the teacher would record our voices on an old (new at that time) 12″ reel to reel tape recorder. I hated how I sounded and was scarred for life (LOL).

          Sorry about repeating the topic field. I did not know I could use “Post Reply” I thought that was for replying to another’s post.

          I’ve been checking E-Bay and notice a tool they say is for pellet and roller jewel replacement. Very cheap. Does that sound like the tool to use?
          Also they show a gauge. similar to spark plug feeler gauge, fanned open to show all the sizes. Is this what I need to size the half round hole in the roller table?

          Well enough for now. There is no rush in responding. I understand that Santa Clause needs our attention this month.
          Have a Great Holiday Bob and I will talk to you next year.

          Bob Tascione

            Hi Jerry,

            Glad to hear it’s not just me!

            No problem with pressing the wrong button. I’m still learning how to run this thing too.

            Yes those are the tools that you’ll need. The primary tool you’ll use is the combination tool…roller table warmer. Also the guage is used as you described and is also used to measure the width of the fork slot. I’ll explain their use in the Roller Jewel Replacement section.

            Happy New Year Jerry!

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