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      Hello Group,

      It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve had a vintage wall clock for several years, a time and strike. with a HALLER A.G. U K movement. It’s been running with just the time ever since I bought it with the intent of repairing the strike side. With my other projects completed I decided to tackle the problem. after disassembling the movement, cleaning and pivot polishing and reassembling, the first issue that popped up was that when striking, it would strike the full hour on the hour as well as the half hour. after going back to Bob’s lessons pertaining to this problem, Bob suggested to slightly separate¬†20230224_14500220230213_112018 the plates and disengage the gear with the warning pin and adjust it and the cam so that the locking lever would seat better in the cam cut out and the count wheel. and Bingo, that solved that issue.

      The second issue is when the movement goes into warning ( approx. five minutes before the hour) the movement stops. I would advance the minute hand manually to the full hour and things would tick away just fine until it went into “warning”¬† at the half hour and the same thing would happen.

      I then move the minute hand clockwise around the dial letting it strike on the hour and half hour and noticed that the hands would rotate smoothly upto and including the warning activation. than I noticed that the movement seem to be locked up and I would have to apply pressure till it reached the 12 position and the strike began and things were fine again until the half hour warning and it would lock up and pressure would have to be applied to advance it to the half hour strike.

      I hope that I painted a clear enough picture. any ideas where the lock up is caused by?

      Thanking everyone in advance


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