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      Finally figured a solution to the video problem I was having. I have posted the video’s to my face book page. The link is below. Please go to my face book page, view the video’s and give me your opinion as to what might be wrong. Thanks so much.



        Hello Michael,
        I am not a facebook member so I could not view your video. I know that many forums do not allow video uploads since they can quickly use up allocated memory resources for a board. A link to a video is the normal procedure in most forums. From what you describe though a video probably is not needed.
        Dead beat escapements are very sensitive to power fluctuations and losses. This is likely what your movement is experiencing.
        Unfortunately there are many factors that result in power loss that might be involved here.

        Did you install bushings?
        How is the finish on all pivots? If a dead beat then polishing the pivots is very important.
        Any bent pivots?
        Are all escape teeth perfect? No bent or damaged tips?
        Any wear on the pallets?

        If you can you put a couple of images up here of the movement and a closeup view of the escapement?

        Best Ian


          Hello Sir, and thank you for the reply.

          I have not installed bushings. I think the finish on all pivots are good, but I did not do a polishing which may be the problem. I did not see any bent pivots and the teeth on the escape wheel looked good. However, on one of the pallets of the verge, you can clearly see where the teeth have apparently scraped it. Don’t know if that is natural or representative of a problem. I clearly did not know what I was doing, this was my very first movement so it has been a nightmare for me. Your thoughts?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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