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      I can use someone’s help.

      I am new to clock repair and some how I have managed to work on a Seth Thomas CS-16637 movement #211. The escape wheel on the movement has damaged teeth and I am doing the best I can to straighten them. My big problem is I do not have the proper tools to work with and money is an issue. I have ordered a new escape wheel and arbor but they don’t come assembled. I have never mounted a clock wheel onto an arbor and, wait for it, I don’t have a stake and anvil set and can’t afford one. Can anyone tell me another way of doing this so I will not destroy this replacement part? I am trying to do a friend a favor. The clock, though made in 1879 is only worth about $125.00 on the market. Any help would be appreciated for this amateur.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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