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    Bob Tascione

      Hi all,
      This article caught my attention. With the advent of the smart watch one has to wonder where the future watchmaking industry is heading. This is the first blend of mechanical and smart technology I’ve seen that looks like something that may get a foothold in the industry. What do you think?

      Here’s a link to the video in case the article ever gets pulled down:

      Adios for now,


        I like the fact that it’s a mechanical movement,..and designed no less by a former Patek Phillipe watchmaker….for under $600.00 ?

        I would think that the movement is going to basically be serviced as any other of it’s kind. The “smart” side though,..may mean having special tools and benches ( grounded- ESDS ? ) and some training of course.

        This will be an interesting one to follow…I’m intrigued.
        Thanks Bob



          Interesting and very nice looking. But seems as though it will be a real challenge to work with. Wonder how durable is it? Seems as though it would be a good diving watch, if it’s waterproof. Naw, having a hard enough time learning, purchasing tools and trying to get a decent set-up for conventional watches. I’ll just stick and stay where I am just learning how to play. 8-) Interesting though, good post Bob.

          chris mabbott

            I wonder what the operating system is ? If it’s Apple, they will tell you what time it is, if it’s microsoft, be prepared to reboot constantly 😆

            One thing to remember, we will not only have the price of these info watches, but also the cost of the wifi when away from home, that’s the killer as the days of free hotspots is long past… Another way to get us to part with our cash :(
            It’s also kinda scary to think of a PC tech fidling with our timekeepers..

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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