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      G’day all,

      I’m a novice, attempting to replace the barrel and spring in a Mauthe 18 works. Unlike those I’ve seen in video contributions, this one seems to have a two-piece winding arbor, with the winding ratchet gear on a shaft apparently pressed into the back of the barrel and serving as bushing for the spring arbor. Removing the barrel would seem to require prying or pressing on the gear or barrel that I hesitate to attempt. If anyone has advice on removal and installation, it would be much appreciated. I will attempt to add a couple photos. The first is of the barrel I’m trying to replace, which came apart in the clock and has undergone multiple attempts at repair of the hook. The second is of a “for parts” movement from which I’d like to extract the barrel to put into my clock. Thanks much, Ken

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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