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      I am new to repairing clocks recently signed up for Bob’s course and finding it very helpful.
      I have a Mantel clock that I am trying to repair and it is missing the Pendulum and I need help on where to source the replacement for it if not I could make one but I need the weight that they usually are. I have looked all over the brass on the movement for a stamped makers name and model but there is nothing on either side. In the case or on the door is nothing also. Looking at the face it looks like a paper replacement it has no name either.
      The mainsprings for the clock are in barrels so I assume that it is English or made on that side of the world. I looks similar to Smith or Enfield.
      Any help I can get would be appreciated.


        Hello OscarGent,
        My guess would also be English.
        Difficult to say what the pendulum length or weight would be but for English Mantles I keep a few of the pendulums from the following link on hand from Cousins and they usually work out for me. http://cousinsuk.com/product/mantle-clock-pendulums You’ll find other pendulum alternatives on their site by clicking around a little bit but these pendulums might do it for you.
        Hope that this is helpful,
        Best, Dan


          Thanks Dan for your info since my posting I have been lucky enough to find a more on it and have found out that it is a Karl Lauffer (German Make) so I am concerned if it would hand right I could cut a slot into the top hook on the pendulum that you suggested what do you think. I did find one on Perrins website that they say works model 76-390-1 but it is costly and the cheaper one 76-335 cost 13.00 but they claim it will not work. Your thoughts. Thanks for your assisitance.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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