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      Anyone have any idea on how to remove this mainspring from the sleeve? Its an ollie baker mainspring winder, ive tried everything


        Can you put it into a padded vise, get some penetrating fluid into the barrel, and then use a piece of dowel to tap it out ?


          In addition to Randy’s suggestion, you could put it in the freezer before you try to tap it out. The two metals will contract at different rates which might relieve a little of the pressure. I’ve seen it work for plastics before.

          Just a thought…


            going to ask the obvious, but did you try compressing it with the winder again and transferring it to a larger sleeve?

            I had the same issue the first time I used the MS ring, I compressed that MS so I could get the smallest ring on it… what a nightmare to get out, but then I put it on the winder and compressed it enough to slide it off.

            oh, just looked it the image again, you lost the end into the ring.. I would still try to recompress it, then when the end comes around, see if you can capture it with one of the stops on the winder..

            That is the only way to salvage it, if your not going to save the spring, then grab ahold of the inner end with a vise grip and start pulling it out, gloves and a heavy towel to protect your self as you pull that sucker out..


              Ive tried to capture the end and have had no luck. I want to reuse this mainspring


                I had exactly the same issue when i first started clock repair. It took a while but I put the sleeve, spring and arbor back in the winder and kept winding the spring while trying to move the sleeve along the spring. Eventually I got half of the spring exposed from the sleeve, enough to get the hook in the hole and wind it up again.

                bernie weishapl

                  Many years ago when I first started I did the same thing. I worked on it like Paul suggested and finally got it out. Lesson learned was don’t use a sleeve that just barely fits the spring. 😳 Never did that again. It is going to take some time.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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