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      I have an unknown clock movement with time, strike, and chime trains. One of the mainspring barrels has some broken teeth and needs to be replaced. I have noticed in the past that mainspring barrels usually have a number stamped on them to referenc the size, but this one does not.

      The Barrel size is as follows:
      Barrel Diameter at the gear = 44.89mm
      Barrel I.D. = 37.8mm
      Barrel Thickness = 21.34mm
      Arbor Diameter = 5.46mm

      The mainspring inside was also broken, but it was easy to measure it and determin the right replacement.
      The Mainspring size is as follows:
      Spring Width = 18mm
      SpringThickness = .44mm
      Spring Length = 48.2 inches.

      With all this information can anyone tell me what size barrel I should get to replace the broken one? :?:
      Any advice is welcome :|

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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