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      I mounted my vise on a 1″ thick piece of steel so that I didn’t have to anchor it to any table. Additionally, I can simply remove it if I need to use it on it’s side. The 1″ piece of steel if heavy enough to hold it in place for most tasks.

      Here’s a few pics..


      Bob Tascione

        Hey Tom that’s a good idea!
        Those mounted vises can sure get in the way at times. They always seem to take up valuable bench corner real estate.


        bernie weishapl

          Tom great idea. I just bought a new Stanley clamp on bench vise I like a lot. Swivels and truns 360*. Like Bob said it does take up real estate on the bench.


            That is a great idea Tom!
            I have a small watchmakers vice which you can remove from the base if it gets in the way but even then sometimes you knock your arm on the base so its still not an ideal solution :(
            I have looked closely at the bergeon vice, as far as I can tell it comes from the same factory so you will be paying an extra £150 for the nice yellow box it comes in 😯


              I have a woodworking workshop and when I need to do some metalwork I use a small metalworking vice which is screwed to a block of wood. I put the block of wood into my woodworking vice, and hey presto, my woodworking vice is converted to metalworking. Very useful.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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