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    chris mabbott

      Well, here we go again on the merry go round of low amplitude..
      As posted, I’ve been working on an Elgin Convertible that had quite a few probs, so….TA DAAA, here comes the big wind up, the hands are shaking and body is a sweatin as I lovingly , but gently, plunge my winder into the warm depths of the arbor ;)
      One turn, two turns, Hmm, no action, 3, 4, 5 she begins to give me something in return for my efforts, finally on the last one, we have a sigh and a little oscillation :D

      But wait, it’s so slow, WTFH (what the flaming heck) actually there are a number of variations for this acronym but it is a public forum…
      So here is my beautiful gleaming frankenwatch brought back to only a half life..

      So how do we detect, troubleshoot and repair the dreaded low amplitude?
      I try to avoid LIKE EBOLA, having to take apart a movement again, simply by double checking as I reassemble, besides, I’m a lazy sod and I have a big back log that is giving me nightmares :?

      Step 1 – check all gear/wheel motion, individually, then in series to assure no binding
      2. Check gear end shake.
      3. All pivots have already been cleaned and burnished/measured etc
      4. Ascertain that the MS is new or has good power, that nothing is binding in the barrel, no burrs inside, nor on the plate etc.
      5. Power up the train prior to installing the pallet, check for free movement. Work from each gear backwards to assure no binds.
      6. Check train with pallet installed, slight power on MS, check action and engagement of stones.
      7. Install cleaned and serviced balance wheel without its jewelry, test motion, shake, freeness of rotation etc
      8. Mount Balance jewelry and check for correct alignment to mating parts, check roller jewel depth/engagement with pallet
      9. Prussian blue circumference of roller table, check for contact marks with pallet guide pin, adjust pin as needed.

      So did I miss something 😆


        Hey Chris, I do sympathise with you, but do not have a good answer either :(. I am waiting for someone to come up with one because I still have my JLC movement where I replaced the mainspring without much success. Still a very low amplitude :(. I have put it aside again for a while…


        chris mabbott

          Hey Jan, yes, it’s a bugger! I’ve done the same as you and put it on the old healing shelf for a while.. Hopefully next week, it will have repaired itself :?

          bernie weishapl

            Sounds like you have covered your bases. I agree with putting it in the drawer for a couple of weeks then look at it again. I find most times the problem on the second go round reveals itself. Mind you I said most times. 😆


              Hey Chris, just thinking out loud here, when out of the case is it in the winding position or setting position? make sure it is in the winding position and see if that helps. Anyway, sounds like you have narrowed it down. William


                Are you sure that is the correct hairspring Chris? You guys know I am no watch expert but the ones I have messed with have much larger hairsprings, can’t see too well in that pic but looks quite small?

                chris mabbott

                  William, check on that point buddy, thanks..

                  Paul, yes, I think that may have to be the next step. That being said..all indicators point to this possibly being an original and I.ve checked with the other convertibles and the springs seem equal, with a visual 😯 but as we know, anything is possible.. Thanks..

                  Nice to see ya back..



                    Since you have more than one of these, do you think it might be worth the effort to swap hairsprings temporarily?

                    Just thinking…


                    Bob Tascione

                      Hey Chris…did you wind it up! :D Just kidding, couldn’t help myself this morning.
                      Tom might have a good idea there. Or maybe first just try swapping out the balance complete to see if the motion pics up.

                      Adios for now,

                      chris mabbott

                        Aye Roberto, que has puesto en tu cafe este manana 😆
                        Yep, I may have to try that and eliminate/confirm the HS. For now though, it is in the second column, ya know, for these kinda probs :(

                        There is a pecking order that I’ve self imposed, so the next watch in line has now entered the fray, it’s only fair because this one has been waiting for …..years. It’s not one of my faves, a gilt movement, not too keen on them, not enough shine 🙄

                        One thing I forgot, and I did try it, to no avail… deMag.


                          SOMETIMES…….I check for a warped/binding plate by loosening up the screws to see if the amplitude increases…maybe try that with the plate screws over the M/S…then the gear train.

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