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      There seems to be a huge variety of Loupes out there, some cheap and cheerful and some ridiculously expensive…I already have a cheap 2x that clicks to my reading glasses and a couple of more powerful hand held devices…I’m not particularly satisfied with any of then and looking to something more effective and above all safe for my eyes…I’m aware that cheap plastic lenses can cause eye problems if used for prolonged periods.

      I like the idea of the type used by William in his testimonial video on Bob’s home page…can you recommend that William? I need something for close inspection work and something which I can use ‘hand free’ when machining on a lathe or Mill…I guess I need more that one or at least one that has interchangeable lenses…

      I would appreciate some recommendations.



        Hey Richard, I have several inspection type microscopes that I use alot, one came out of a operating room and will swing over a large area. I use that one over the watchmakers lathes. Another one sits at the clock bench for quick inspections when the magnification of my visor doesnt get in close enough, another inspection microscope at the watch bench good for oiling, inspection ect… so basically the scopes are there for when I need them…..I hear your dilemma about loupes, I have one BAUSCH & LOMB 5x loupe I attached to a pair of reading glasses for watch work, I use the optivisor when working on clocks, 1.75 or 2.00 magnification.

        I have debated about the binocular loupes used by doctors and dentists because there is a greater working distance, though they are expensive, I still need to get to the dentist and see if they would let me try a pair out.

        I know this isnt really answering your questions….all I can say is “keep your eye out” for different styles of magnification, used and available to try them before spending alot of money, everyone is different… Have fun


          Thanks William, very helpful:-) I think I will give the Optivisor a try since I’m only working on clocks and covers a wide range of focal lengths with a selection of lenses.


          bernie weishapl

            I have a couple of Optivisors. One is this one. http://timesavers.com/i-8949183-14-optivisor-1-3-4-power.html
            This one. http://timesavers.com/i-8949184-10-optivisor-2-power.html
            I also add this for closer work and use it a lot when polishing pivots and have it mounted on the 10X optivisor. http://timesavers.com/i-8949186-2-1-2x-optiloupe.html

            I use both of the optivisors depending on what I am doing and wouldn’t be without them.

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