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      Been looking for a while, first at clocks, and now I think a pocket watch would be better (logistic wise). I want to present my Dad with an pocket watch that will become a heirloom piece for my family, so I would like suggestions for such a piece. I have been looking at those Fusse watches, but they might be a bit above my talent level right now.

      So if you were looking to do this, what would you get?

      chris mabbott

        Steve, for a project like this, some thought needs to go into it, so for me at least, I need to know more of your expectations..

        1. Price
        2. Style
        3. will this be used, as in carried, if yes, you need a chain or leather strap.
        4. Do you want to fix one up or a newer working model

        I have a couple of fairly modern pocket watches, these I use quite often as they are 100% reliable, as sometimes, the 100+ yr old ones can be a little temperamental 🙄 Plus, my newer ones have shock jewels so when I travel, it’s not an issue if they get a knock through security.
        It’s an option that you can keep in mind, especially if you intend it to be passed down through generations..

        Here’s a link to my JEAN PIERRE double hunter skeletonized PW. It comes in a very nice wooden box, has a stainless steel case that can be inscribed. It has kept extremely accurate time. I changed the acrylic lenses in favor of antique crystals, no worries about breakage unless it’s dropped. but the acrylic ones were fine, I just prefer glass.

        These are what come to mind right now.. so pending your answers to these questions, I think we should have some material to provide you with an answer :)

        chris mabbott

          Steve, just another thought, you also may want to consider that if you intend to hand this down, that whoever owns it in the future may not want to spend the money repairing a watch that is already old now, and in the future, parts may not be available for it as they are becoming scarce now.
          Also, the reason I suggest a modern pocket watch, is that IMHO, it would mean more to me if a family member actually used and enjoyed it. When I show someone an antique one that I’ve repaired, they handle it gingerly as if it’s going to break, theyre scared of dropping it or something 😆

          Anyway, I’m not one to pass up a shameless photo shoot 🙄 so I took a few shots of my 18s JP that I was actually wearing over the holidays and today.
          I have it on my grandfathers chain which is over 100 yrs old…


            Thanks Chris,

            Well right now I have a 1887 Waltham 18s Model 1883 that I have restored, or I could use my current one, a 1884 Waltham 18’s Model 1877

            Your point on future owners having trouble with parts etc.. maybe I should stick with a clock LOL!

            Thanks! got some more thinking to do on this one…

            chris mabbott

              No prob Steve,

              You’re right, it’s hard to see the future and if something from now will be appreciated….. then.
              I think this is why we see so many former “heirlooms” being auctioned off. Seems like these days the trend is more value than actual historical/sentimental value.

              I purchased an heirloom watch from a lady a while back, it belonged to her relation, I asked her why she didn’t pass it down, her reply… the kids ain’t interested. :? shame.


                Hmmm… interesting.. while I can not say that for all my extended family, I know some a very into family history, but not all, another good point Chris..


                  Hey guys, personally I think its a great idea. Someone told the story of giving a pocket watch to a older gentlemen as a gift and he remembers how his eyes lit up. Remember back then it was a special deal when you got your first watch (I guess it brought back some fond memories). Parts? repair costs? from what I see the costs do not matter that much when comes to recalling those fond memories and as for parts, well Steve, I guess you have a goal there.

                  BUT, let me tell my story…..I have been wanting to give my adult children a clock or a pocket watch to start the family heirloom idea, I have yet to figure out which one or of what style to give them. They all seem to have different tastes one from another and thats even different from my taste. What I think I am going to do is have them look for something on their own or take advantage of the idea and spend some time looking with them and I will get it up and running. to me that gives them the adventure of finding a timepiece that they would be really excited about without the worry of extra costs to get it in running condition. Just thinking out loud. William


                    Thanks Will!

                    The main reason I was thinking a watch would be better is, my family is somewhat spread out, and moving say a large mantel/wall clock from Iowa to Colorado or where ever the family spreads out to in the future could be an issue.

                    The more I think about it, I am going to stick with a pocket watch, maybe one that I mentioned earlier or one like Chris mentioned or if I find something special over the next couple of months.

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