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      I saw on ebay an item called a pivot straightner & polisher by Levin. It is described as rare & scarce. I was very interested in purchasing it but I have absolutely no idea how it works. I was hoping some of you might know how it works or know of some literature that could explain how to use it. If you would be willing to take a look, the item number is 292192350375.


        Hello Hank,
        I entered the number you gave into their search but nothing was found.
        I do have and use one of these Levin tools. If talking about the same tool then the tool comes in two parts. The base which can be screwed to the front of the bench or held in a vise. The tool itself has two pins matching the locating holes in the base for easy removal when finished. I use a small homemade bow on mine
        made from a piece of stiff wire and dental floss for the string. The part to be polished is placed between the driving pulley with a pivot extending through the closest fitting hole in the spring steel support. The pivot can then be polished using pivot file, burnisher or tool and polishing medium of choice. If the pivot is bent it will be simple to see while running the bow back and forth and can then be dealt with.

        Cheers Hank

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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