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      David, I just finished watching a video on u tube. he was facing a piece of raw material. If I was seeing it right, by using the cross slide there did not seem to be a pip in the center. If this is correct shouldn’t I be able to hit center with a drill bit in the Jacobs chuck? I want to start using my Taig, but I want to have a general idea of what I am doing before I start ( if that makes any sense) :? Mahlon

      david pierce

        The trick to the operation is to have your tool bit centered. This is easier with a quick change tool holder as you can bring the tool bit up and down with an adjustment screw. If your tool is held in a solid block you may have to put shims under the tool bit to bring it to center. A good sharp tool bit on center can run flat across the face of a piece of material. To make sure your hole is centered it is always a good idea to use a center drill before drilling. The only way to get a hole truly concentric, assuming that the OD is centered, is with a single lip cutting tool (boreing bar).

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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