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      Here is a good little project for getting some practice on the lathe and mill. You could make this all on the lathe using the index on the headstock, a pointed bit of some sort to “cut” or “drag” the lines, and the cross slide. I chose to use the mill as I wanted to fart around some with it. This picture is right out of the book “440 day clock repair guide” by Charles Terwilliger Excellent book if your going to repair 400 day clocks. gives the project and the description of how to use it. Have fun, William


        I had a thick piece of aluminum, cut square and nip off the corners, chucked up in a mandrel I had made.

        Make a circle, in this instance size doesnt matter, it has to be large enough to be usable on a 400 day clock, this one is 3 3/4 inch diameter

        Would have been quicker to use a thinner pieces, I ended up just over a 1/8 inch thick, dont think you want it much thicker as it will hit the pendulum balls, faced off both faces and knurled the edge, use you imagination in design.


          keeping it on the mandrel and chucking it onto the rotary table, checked for everything to be flat, once finding center off the mandrel I used the X axis on the DRO, it was only used for determining length of the cut and distances of the rings, other than that is was all rotary table use. here is where it maybe even easier to just use the lathe for the whole project.

          3 lines 90 degrees from each other

          Once again I was not being particular with measurements except for the degree markings, everything else was though of as I went
          30 degrees to each line, the doted lines are 45 from the 3 larger marks

          Limited tiny end mills and moving at a pretty good pace throughout the project, not the smoothest cut but in the end I will have them covered up as youll see….

          bernie weishapl

            That looks pretty nifty. Nice little project for sure.


              When using the paper one I also used toothpicks (which would move easily and I would loose the spot) to keep track of where the pendulum was swinging to in relationship to the instant it would lock on the next escape tooth, I decide to put in a slot for some markers, this was a after thought, but thats the fun of making stuff :D

              by using the waste section of the piece I milled out the soon to be markers


                using the reverse jaws on my 3 jaw chuck I drilled and bored the hole to the size I wanted

                not exactly the way to have the boring bar but it did work, I then beveled the edge of the center hole. Be careful and test the swing on the lathe to make sure nothing hits throughout your process


                  I painted the thing and after it dried I used a razor blade to cut away the paint on the top surface

                  all done

                  make sure your markers are not too tall or they will hit the pendulum

                  since making this I have come up with a bunch of different designs and methods. I enjoy prototyping an idea, now lets see what you come up with. thank you and keep on keepin on, William


                    Will, the knurled edges are for what purpose are for design? Looks good and one day ;) One day :D , I’ll catch-up to you. Don’t worry though, it’ll be awhile. 8-) Can you send me a manual of what’s in your head, dealing with clocks LOL 💡 :?: Fret not, I’m still on smaller issues seeing how I have no advanced machinery nor clock experience. Gods will I’m knocking on your back door :D . As of right now I’m under Bob’s and Bernie’s toot ledge same same though. LOL, :D

                    Bob Tascione

                      That is one awesome jig you made William! Absolutely beautiful work!
                      Thanks for putting this up here for all of us.


                      bernie weishapl

                        Ok William. When are you going into production? :mrgreen: That is one very nice piece and well made. Mine is just made of cardboard. 😆 Thanks for the progress pic’s.


                          That is a beautiful piece of work William :)
                          You might want to make a much thinner one too as if you get any of the old disc pendulum type clocks in that one wont fit between the pendulum and the base. If you make a few you can send us all one :)


                            Amazing William. I have never worked on a 400 day. From what I have read, I’m guessing this gig is for putting the clock in beat? Hopefully I can do this quality of work some day. All I lack is the equipment, knowledge, and experience :? Mahlon


                              Howdy guys and gals, thanks for the uplifting replies, I am POSITIVE yall would be able to make one even nicer than this, I am a rookie when it comes to using the metal lathe and vertical mill but these types of projects really help in getting used to the machinery, no tight tolerances or accurate measurements just plain ol creativity,
                              Bernie, the exact reason I made one out of aluminum was because it will stay in place and mark positions without moving around on me.

                              Ed, the knurled edge is just because I wanted to try out the knurling tool on the lathe. Keep at it and soon we will be sending you things to make and fix.

                              Paul, good idea, I was thinking about a thinner style and a different way of pointing out the angles or positions, possibly using something like a couple of 400 day clock hands? when you make yours please post your ideas and I will buy the ones you make, I will probably have to use my 80% off card though.

                              Mahlon, the knowledge and experience come from just doing it, I learned alot as I went though the process. be creative, if mistakes are made then you have just learned what not to do when it really counts.

                              Bob, thanks for your kind words, obviously it is amateur but I know it is part of the process, hopefully I can motivate creativity and get some guys to post their project ideas. not only helping out others but it will also help me.

                              Hope yall have a fantabulous day

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