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      Looking to sell this book.
      If you aren’t familiar with it,..here’s a description

      The Modern Watchmakers Lathe & How To Use It by Archie B Perkins . Condition is Like New.

      A course on lathe work for any clock or watch repairman. 548 black and white photos and diagrams. Chapters on the Lathe & it’s construction; Tailstock & their attachments; Split wire chucks; Wheel & crown chucks; Jewel & sub-chucks & cement brasses; Other special chucks; The hand rest & its attachments; The sliderest, grinder & pivot polisher; The gear cutting & milling attachment; Lathe maintenance & care; Gravers, Measuring, Basic cuts; Thread cutting; Making pivots, balance staffs & pallet arbors; Making Winding stems;Setting bezel jewels; Repivoting pinions;Using the slide rest; Making wheel & pinion cutters; Indexing; Making & mounting wheels & pinions; Saws & sawing; Files & filing.11 Tables on Split wire chuck sizes; Wheel chuck sizes; Jewel pusher sizes; Pivot drill sizes; Swiss screwplate sizes; American stand taps & dies; Formulas for thread cutting; Indexing at 40:1 and 80:1 ratio; Jewelers saw blade sizes; File selection. 393 pages. 9 x 11”. Hardcover. Excellent, near new condition.

      There is someone selling them for over $110 on our “favorite” auction website.

      I am asking $75 and about $8 for flat rate shipping.


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