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    harold g

      this is kind of directed to David as it is in line with my pivot refurbishing job.The Art of Repivoting came with the lathe i purchased and a lapping wheel charged with a abrasive is used to make drill bits.there is a Scomac diamond wheel on Ebay for $118.00.Is that the same thing,because they talk about sending it in to be replaced with new abrasive material.So a recomendation would be helpful or a cheaper solution to a lapping wheel purchase.This business is just never ending with the tools!!

      david pierce

        No, it is not the same thing. A diamond wheel has small diamond particles permanently imbedded into a binder material. Most of the modern diamond wheels use some sort of resin that is chemically hardened. A lapping wheel is generally made from a “soft” metal such as cast iron or copper but wood is also sometimes used. The wheel itself is not involved in the cutting process but instead is “charged” with an abrasive paste. The paste could be any number of abrasive powders mixed with oil, grease or who knows, i’m afriad to ask. If you pull up some of the Steffan Pahlow videos on Youtube you can see him lapping watch parts. I think one is called “THE BLUEING OF SCREWS’ but there may be a few others.



          I was under the impression that polishing pivots using any type of particulate abrasives is frowned upon because it leaves minute particles in the pores of the steel that will come out over time and abrade the jewels. Do I have this right?


          harold g

            To Tmac,I believe Bob was mentioning that in one of his videos.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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