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    Just getting started in this! Should have done it years ago! Own too many of the darn ticking things and have paid way too much money for repairs. Always have friends and family asking for assistance with their ticking things.
    Can someone tell me why I would want to set up using KWM vs Bergeon bushings?
    Best bushing machine to buy?
    OK with spending the money to buy VG equipment but I only want to spend it ONCE!
    I want to buy reamers and tools for either KWM or Bergeon but not for both.
    While we’re at it I saw a reference to “Joe’s springwinder”. Can someone enlighten me as to what that is before I buy an Olie Baker (or something else)?
    Sherline vs Jet vs Keystone vs….

    Thanks so much in advance for taking the time to respond.

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    hey BearShirtBeeman513, I just noticed your post. I decided to move it into the General discussion area. I am guessing you put it in the parts and tools suppliers area because that is what your asking about, basically that area would be more for the answer’s to your questions and places where a person could go to find those tools and supplies. No worry though, hopefully in the General discussion area you will get more of a response.
    I use a KWM bushing machine (vintage style) with the Bergeon cutters and bushings, why??? my wife says I like to make things more confusing 🙄 …..really though, when I first started out I found the Bergeon bushing sizing easier to understand and happened across the KWM bushing machine. I also like the way the crank on this machine was on the side and downward pressure is applied with a separate lever from the top verses one that has a crank wheel on top and downward pressure is applied from that. Now if I want I can, and have used either style cutter and bushing. I think there is a photo of it in the members shop section.
    I have the Ollie Baker mainspring winder and use it alot, it has worked well for me BUT I have no experience with any other style clock mainspring winder.
    May be best for you to separate your questions into different threads and you may get more response.
    Hopefully that helps, have a Merry Christmas, William

    bernie weishapl
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    Myself after over 30 yrs of clock repair I prefer KWM bushings. I have a Elma KWM bushing machine that if you can find one today would be around $1300 or so. I bought mine way back when in the 80’s because I wanted the best built and most versatile. I can use Bergeon or KWM bushing with this one but don’t care for Bergeon. Some love them but my preference is KWM. If I were to buy one today this is the one I would get from Timesavers. It can be had in either bergeon or kwm.

    Also as William and I have the original Ollie Baker mainspring winder. This is a copy of it and works really well. It does require a letdown key but you will also need it for winding up the mainspring and then letting it down into a mainspring clamp before you disassemble. and these clamps. I like the flat. I have used 3 different types of mainspring winders. As for safety and versatility IMHO nothing beats Ollie Baker.

    Check out the Members Shop Pics as you will see a lot tools and shop setups.

    Merry Christmas.

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