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      Hello Bob and Members,

      I am working on a Five Tube Kieninger Tubular Chime Clock with a Moon Dial and would like to
      receive your inputs on any pitfalls to lookout for in dis-assembly and re-assembly. I have serviced
      other chime clocks (MOSTLY HERMLE), but, not tubular types.

      I have Steven Conover’s Repair Manual on Chime Clocks, but, he does not cover the Kieninger
      Five Tube Chime movement. I have not found any other books or articles that covers this movement.
      I am hoping someone can tell me where I can find some books or articles on this subject.

      Thank You

      bernie weishapl

        Didn’t even know Keininger made a tubular chime clock. I have worked on Winterhalder, jacques, herschede, and hoffman but have never seen one of those. I would suggest lots of pictures. I would study the chiming sequence and make sure you understand how it works before you disassemble. Do you have a idea of the chime it plays? Is it just Westminister or is it multi tune? When I am unfamiliar with a movement such as I would with this one the first thing I would do is sit it up on a test stand. Put on the weights on the chime side and strike side. Like I said run it thru it paces. Let it chime on the quarter, half, three quarter and the hour. Watch and study how it does it thing on both the chime and strike. I know Steven has a new Tubular chime repair book out but from what I saw it doesn’t cover Keininger. Hopefully someone else has seen and worked on one but that is what I would do. The Jacques I worked on it chiming sequence was not even close to what I thought it should be but after studying the sequence before I tore it down along with many pictures from all angles I did get it repaired, cleaned, reassembled, oil and on the test stand. I got the sequence in place and it has been working now for a couple of years. I have a Herschede 9 tube that just came in so that will be my second one I have ever seen. So hopefully I took good notes and I can find my pictures. 😆


          Hi Bernie,

          Thank You for your input! I am not sure what the chime sequence is, I will check it out. If anyone else has
          any other comments or suggestions, I would appreciate hearing from you!

          Thanks Again Bernie

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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