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      I just recently inherited a Sligh grandfather with a Kieniger 06 K 116cm movement. It is pretty dirty, and I am in the process of tearing it down to clean it up and freshen up a couple of loose bushings. I am down to the part where I would split the plates to get to the internal parts prior to a good cleaning but I have a couple of parts that seem to be in the way. I went through my DVD Beginners Course again, so I hope I am using the correct part terminology. The first is what I believe to be the gathering cam pressed on to an arbor for the chime train, and the second appears to be the hour warning cam/canon gear combination that appears to be pressed onto the minute arbor. How are these two parts typically removed, by tapping off, pressing, using a couple of levers or some type of puller?


        Hello Barry,
        I use levers which are just homemade pry-bars. William and Bob show them being used in their Hermle course. Very simple to make just make sure to protect the plates with something like a piece of thin wood or cardboard and to pry straight up and not at an angle. I take pictures before removing anything so I can get them back to their exact positions if required. You can also mark their locations.
        Good luck,

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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