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      Can anyone tell me the significance of capital letter prefixes on K&D stakes? I have some stamped S38, A15, B29 etc. What do the letters signify?


      Bob Tascione

        Hi Tom,
        If I remember correctly the prefixes were used on the earlier K&D sets. They used a Letter/Number system with the letter designating the type of punch it was. I’m away from home for a couple more days but I have some info on this and would be happy to look it up for you when I return. I’m pretty sure though that the letters were dropped as the sets became larger due to production of smaller, speciality punches needed for the emerging ‘wrist watch’ market. Some later stakes were followed by letters ie: number/letter but I think the addition of the letter was used for a different reason than the earlier prefix letter/number. Also I think the S punches were for a ‘Special’ K&D set that was produced in the very early 1900s. I could be wrong on that though but I do vaguely recall having ‘S’ stamped on the punches in a ‘Special’ set I once owned.
        Again I can check this out for you when I get back..probably Tues. this week.
        Hope this little bit of info helps,
        Take care for now,

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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