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      Hi all
      My name is Phill and I live in the UK, I wanted a new hobby and because I love watches(not that I’ve got many I can’t afford the ones I like) I thought I would have a look at how watches work and came across Bobs course, I am a complete beginner , and it all looks very complicated, but I’m hopping I will be able to ask questions on the forum and slowly get to grips with it.


        Hi Phil,
        welcome to the forum, there are plenty here who work on watches so ask away.


          Welcome Phil,

          Don’t be timid,…ask away on any part of the subject you need help with.
          We’re here to support and share.



            Howdy Phill, great to have you here, as the guys have already said, dont be shy, we all had to start somewhere. If I can figure some of this out I am sure you will have no problem ;) . search and read the forum posts (I read them all when I started), there is alot of info…as you study and start practicing on a clunker watch the concepts will become more clear, now if you can avoid catching the tool buying disease you might still have some lunch money next year :D William



              It’s great to have you onboard. There are many of us (one might argue all of us) who are learning as the learning never ends. There are many here who have an incredible amount of knowledge and are willing to share it on request. I think you will find the small amount that you paid for access to Bob’s course to be a great investment – perhaps one of the best you’ve ever made.

              Again… Welcome!

              chris mabbott

                Hey Phil, welcome to the wonderful world of watches and the forum. As the other guys have already stated, fire away with any questions, lots of knowledge here.

                Are your interests in wrist or pocket watches?


              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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