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      I have a Jungens Carriage clock with musical alarm.. I is silver or chrome im not sure. there are no marks indicating it may be silver but there is a film on it that I can even hand polish out. I can see a fingerprint in it. its no rust it looks more like a film or tarnish. I’m using Simichrome polish and it is shining it up ok but the fingerprint and tarnish are still there.
      can you tell me if this is Chrome or silver and what would you recommend to shine it up nice..

      [attachment=1:cltldiz1]IMG_0014 (2).JPG[/attachment:cltldiz1]

      [attachment=0:cltldiz1]IMG_0015 (2).JPG[/attachment:cltldiz1]


        Hi Mclark,
        I believe Junghans used to nickel plate many of their smaller movement plates. They also used a silver colored lacquer on their cases and possibly on the movement plates too. I’m not sure about that. What you are likely seeing is acidic etching from oils in a finger print. If it actually etched into the metal then I normally have to buff it out using assorted compounds and a buffing wheel. You can then re-silver or lacquer the plates if desired. You will find silvering solutions at some clock supply houses.
        Best of luck Mclark,

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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