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      I’m working on making a “poor man’s” screw head polisher and I was just wondering if I could use old brass jewel chucks to hold the screws in an 8MM collet by just pushing out the center part.

      Thanks everyone!

      chris mabbott

        I’m sure you could Tom, or you could hold them in a collet?

        I use my 6mm lathe for polishing as the screw head polisher doesn’t work on the American style rounded screws. What are you using for the polishing part, a stone, burnisher…?



          For flat parts, I have some oil based diamond polishing paste in various grits (measured in microns). I have several pieces of cork allocated to various grits and I just grab a legal pad, apply the paste, and start twisting back and forth. For flat screws, I’ve simply been holding them in a pin vice and doing pretty much the same thing. For American screws, I been attempting to follow Stephen Pahlow’s method.


          For pivots, I use the Jacot (no paste only burnishers) and for gears I just hand polish them using the fingers and the paste. Additionally, I’m working on a scheme for doing snailing as well – not there yet. I have 8MM collets down to #2 so I could probably get by with using those as you say.



            Those Stephen Pahlow video’s are really educational! I love to watch them and can only envy him for such a nice workshop and so much craftmanship!
            Thanks for pointing me to them, I enjoy them every time.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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