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      I just want to let you all know how it went from my last post on the arbor issue I had. I have been hastling over an mainspring arbor for a jauch movement that I had. I got some great inspiration from paul to machine my own. I was not sure i could do it because of the area that have square parts to them. So I have attached a picure of the job. I want to give all the credit for the inspiration to PAUL ;) and the video’s. Again thanks Paul


        Hey Kyle, excellent job, I am impressed :D . and Paul, you should be getting a raise for this one ;) , I love to see a plan come together, as it says, “make war with the counsel of many”. Oh, and have fun :D , William


          I have got to say I am very impressed Kyle :)
          The one thing I would ask is are you going to leave the pivot that long at the back? I only ask as if the pivot is too long and extends a way out of the plate it can draw the oil out of the pivot hole. Try and get it down to the same length as the original.
          Otherwise well done on a great job and I know who to come to now if I need a barrel arbor making :)

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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