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    Good morning All
    I just want to bring you up to speed on my first repair. I took the avice of Paul and Will. I machined a new arbor for the main spring, and it fit like a glove.
    The last owner had also damaged #2 wheel on time side of corse. I drilled and placed a buishing. Straghtened the shaft, cut the teeth. (Oh I forgot to say this is the first one that I took apart.) polished the pivits, wound the springs, place a new pendalem spring on it. Set up to run on bench. Oiled all the pivits. Double check all for square and while seting it up to test on bench. Like a hand form god it started on its own. I timed it out to be about one min/hour of running time. Placed it back into the box and now it runs and sounds like new. This is a Granfather clock that has not ran for over 30 years. I know this because it belonged to my parents and I grew up listening to it. My wife could not beleve the sound it makes. And now I am on to a old Black forest hunters Coco Clock that my grand mother gave me at least 30 years ago. I want to Thank Everyone that helped me on this. I will keep you up on the progress as I go along. I want to also Thank BoB for the Video training.
    Best wishes to all the new guys and If I could do it they can.

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    Hey Kyle, THAT IS FANTASTIC, sounds like you did a great job, and yes I believe God and prayer always helps but remember you had to take the action, Isnt it a wonderful feeling to have accomplished the task?, NOW, on to the next!!!! ;) have a great day, WIlliam

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    Well done! :)
    its so nice to hear all your hard work has paid off. It took me a good few clocks before i was good enough to get one running properly.

    Bob Tascione
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    That’s great news Kyle!!


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