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    marc hildebrant


      I Have an Ithaca Calendar clock with a Welch Movement. The Striking Main Spring broke and I’m ready to take the clock apart to replace the spring. Before I do though, I’m confused over the strike operation.

      Background, I have the DVD’s (Bob’s) and have watched them. Also: The warning for the clock was always close (5 min) to the hour and the hour and half hour always was a couple of minutes late. The Clock was repaired before I bought the clock.

      Observation : The pin that rotates on the hour shaft contacts a cam that pushes the J-Hook to first “warn” and then strike. However, the cam’s flat side (not the gradual lifting side) is the part that first contacts the pin? Shouldn’t the cam side with the gradual slope be the one to contact the pin ?

      I wound up the time side some with the letdown clamp on to observe the time action and it hits the flat (90 Degree) side first as the clock runs. Is the clock running backward so that the cam’s slope is contacted first ?



        Hello Marc
        Probably not running backwards unless the hands are also turning wrong direction. I might not be understanding your question though.
        Is it possible that the cam is somehow turned backward on its arbor or possibly the arbor is installed incorrectly?
        It’s hard to say without seeing the movement or pics.


        marc hildebrant


          I fixed other parts of the clock (loose bushing) and reassembled with the hour shaft pin hitting the edge of the cam. Seems to work O.K. so I guess that’s just the way the E.N. Welch movements were made.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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