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      Hi all, I am trying to assemble all my tools so i can start trying to fix something. My biggest hold-up now is what to get in the way of loupe or loupes that will work w/ my glasses, which i must wear. I looked around the internet quite a bit. One company that sells “starter kits” had their regular kit priced at $200, and their kit for those who wear glasses at $440. I have watched the master makers on YouTube who wear glasses and they appear to have a set that uses 2 seperate lenses, singly or together. also one maker uses a 2 lens loupe and a lens enclosed in a wire frame also. I want to get the best i can afford, so what would be the way to go? I am especially concerned that i get a set up that will swing easily out of the way and return when needed. If i need 2 different set ups, that would be ok. Any suggestions or information would be appeciated. Thanks, folks…………….b


        So I can relate…
        I wear bi-focals, which make this a bit of a challange.
        My “workaround”, is that I use a set of readers, that give me what I need for general focal distance around my bench, pretty much the power that my bifocals are.
        Then I bought an Ary loupe in the power that I wanted to use for close up ( 4X I think) and I bought the second “pop-in” glass for it that will bring it up to around 10X when I need that level of magnification.
        The loupe hinges around the glasses frame, so that I can swing it up out of the way, and still have the regular readers to navigate around with.

        Good luck with this



        david pierce

          I wear glasses and find working with a loupe difficult. You can purchase some clip on loupes from Harbor Freight for about ten dollars. I found these to also be difficult to work with. I solved the problem by getting a low cost pair of magnifying reading glasses from Staples and a binocular microscope off of the internet. The scope is called an Amscope and cost about $150.00. The optics in the scope are excellent. The reading glasses come in a range of powers and I use the highest power glasses they offered. For fine detail work the microscope is far better than any loupe because it is mounted in a frame. The higher the magnafication the shorter the depth of field and it is almost impossible to hold your head in one place to keep the image in focus.
          David Pierce

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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