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      Do any of you offer to do any “in-home” servicing or repairs? Mainly, this would be for grandfather clocks as these are the least likely to be transported to your shop. Do you offer pick-up and delivery of your clocks?

      I have been reading several books and one talked about offering to do annual oiling, adjusting, etc. and then doing full blown cleaning every 3rd or 4th year, as a way to garner repeat business.

      I’d like to do more grandfather clocks, as well as more mantle / wall clocks, but I want to be sure I’m offering good and needed services to my customers (and make sure my time is paid for).

      Thanks for your time!



        Hi Jimmy,
        I do house calls mainly for grandfather clocks due to there size. I bring my tool bag with a select set of tools and if it’s something I can repair there, I do. If it’s more complicated, then I would remove the movement and bring it back to the shop. I do charge for the house call not including the repair. And as for pick up and delivery, I do this only under certain circumstances. Like if it’s a 400 day clock (i.e.) this needs to be handled with care and set up properly. Then I would deliver it and set it up for them. You would be surprised how many people bring their clocks home and can’t follow simple instructions on how to set them up and doing something careless like break the suspension spring. I always make sure they are comfortable doing this before they leave. Always do a nice professional invoice for them. And this would be the time to discuss an annual servicing with them. I wish you well. :)


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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