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      I bought a new mainspring for the regulator with the Graham escapement mentioned in the other thread.
      Since this is the first time I am working on a clock with a mainspring in a barrel, I am a bit confused on how to proceed.
      The mainspring came with a wire twisted around it as usual.

      Is the mainspring lubricated or do I have to clean it and lubricate?

      do I remove the wire from the mainspring to get it into the barrel or how does one get it in there and over the hook?

      This is probably pretty obvious but it got me puzzled.



        Maybe I did not ask the right questions. New mainsprings for watches do come in a washer and one puts the washer over the barrel and pushes the mainspring in the barrel.
        Is a similar method used for clock barrels or does one relaese the spring from the wire and use a mainspring winder to get the spring into the barrel?
        I do have a mainspring winder which I constructed according to instructions from John Wilding. But it puzzles me how to attach the outer loop to the winder before untiing the wire. I hesitate to just cut the wire and have the spring release at once.
        Attached is a picutre of my homemade mainspring winder without the arbor for attaching the mainspring inner coil.


        Bob Tascione

          Hi Jan,
          Nice job on that winder!
          Yes you should clean and lubricate the mainspring. You will also be able to inspect the spring for burrs etc. You can release it from the wire by grasping the spring with a gloved hand (emphasis on gloved) and then either untwist or cut the wire. You then can allow the spring to expand out while in your hand. The spring will not exert much pressure in your hand. You can then use a clean rag with Kerosene or solvent of your choice to wipe off the anti-rust (if put on at the factory) and then lubricate with you choice of lubricant. When you wind it onto your winder the spring will wind into a small enough diameter to clear the barrel hook.
          Hope this helps Jan,

          chris mabbott

            Jan, You have done an absolutely fantastic job of constructing that winder, I am totally impressed (THUMBS UP)



              Thanks Chris. It took me some time but I am retired and time is one thing I have ;)
              Since this is a hobby, I prefer to make some tools myself and have the satisfaction of using selfmade tools.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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